Navigating the National Electrical Code (NEC)

NFPA 70 (2017)

To be a Master Electrician, you must be well versed in the NEC (the National Electrical Code) set by the NFPA (The National Fire Protection Association). These standards set the foundation for electrical safety in residential, commercial and industrial occupancies. (

When becoming a Master Electrician, you get tested on all areas of the codebook. From New Construction Electrical Wiring, Commercial Electrical Wiring, Multi-family Homes and yes even Motor Controls. It is not an easy thing to navigate. So, it is important to remember, if you are going to hire an electrician then hire a Master Electrician.

There are so many codes that a Master Electrician must know which is to your benefit and protection. It is for your safety. Many problems, injuries, and unfortunately deaths can happen if you hire an unlicensed or inexperienced electrician for your electrical project.

We highly recommend that you do research to make sure your Kansas City Electrician is licensed. Ask them if they are licensed? It may be listed on their website. Check that their license number is active and in good standing?

• To check local Kansas Electrician, go to Johnson County website:
• To check local Missouri Electrician, go to Missouri website:
• To check local Missouri Electrician, go to Missouri website:

Many electrical renovations require permits. You want a licensed electrician that can pull these permits. Be wary of an electrician that asks you to pull the permits! That is the electrician’s job. Under permitted work can lead to violations of local ordinances which subjects you to fines, if you are caught or can cause problems when it is time to sell.

Ask them if they will send a licensed electrician to do the work? Some companies send unlicensed electrician to do the work, either “barrowing” or “work under the supervision” of another master electrician’s license.

If you do not, you may face the reality that you owe a lot of money to someone who does not adhere to local and state codes. I say local because each city that a Licensed Electrician works in requires their own spin on the NEC. This is also for your safety. The local jurisdiction has authority even over the National Electrical Code (NEC).

So, you will also want to check if the electrician is licensed and able to pull permits in YOUR city by calling or checking the website of your city. Every city requires separate licensure!
For example, Bickimer Electric is a licensed electrician in Missouri and Kansas. We are then licensed with Kansas City, Kansas (KCK) and separately with Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO). What may be acceptable in KCK may not be acceptable in KCMO. A good electrician will know the requirements of all cities and practice the best electrical wiring methods for all cities.

General Layout

Other important things to look for a when searching for a Licensed Electrician near you include:

• Do they have a website with contact information? Do they have marked vehicles and uniforms?
Those are nice signs of legitimacy. You want to be able to get a hold of them. Avoid electricians who want you to contact them only through P.O.boxes, pagers and answering services. A reputable contractor should be happy to give you his permanent information. Contractors who show up in unmarked vehicles or without uniforms may be suspect.
What do they do most often? Do they have any sub-specialties?
Compare that to what you need to be done! Know what you want before you talk to them. Does it match?
Do they do more than just electrical work?
It is best to hire a company that ONLY does electrical work. There are many companies out there that do heating/cooling, plumbing, and electrical. Stay away from those. More than likely you will be paying for something you don’t need or overpaying for the electrical work you do need. Hire the specialist.

Hire the Kansas City electrician that knows about electricity.
• Do they have insurance?

Can ask for a copy. Any insurance electrician will gladly be able to provide you with proof of insurance (certificate of insurance COI).
Look at the quality and quantity of online reviews.
Do they have GOOD Google Reviews and Facebook reviews?
Check disciplinary boards?
Do they have NO Better Business Bureau reviews? Customer’s only left BBB reviews when they have a problem.
Of course, if you can get a reference, then that is even better than an online review.
Maybe from a friend, relative or co-worker? Any past clients or contractors, who can tell you if the Licensed Master Electrician does good work.
We also recommend you get three Quotes or Estimates.
At Bickimer Electric, Quotes and Estimates are Free.

When you are dealing with electricity, you can never be too careful. It is so important that your Kansas City Electrician keeps up with the current NEC. The National Electrical Code is always being updated and so should the electrician you hire.

Through continuing education and active participation with local jurisdictions, Bickimer Electric is fine-tuned. Bickimer Electric only hires Master Electricians and implements a rigorous training program to make sure their electricians stay sharp. If you are considering hiring an electrician for either commercial or residential work, do your homework.

Don’t just hire any electrician. Hire Bickimer Electric!