We have three general pricing situations.  We can either:

  1. Come out and give a FREE-ESTIMATE for all work necessary either IN-PERSON (schedule a home visit) or OVER-THE-PHONE.  Charges explained up front.  Can includes but not limited to:
    1. Landscape Lighting Projects
    1. Remodel or Build Out Projects
    1. Rewiring Projects
    1. Home Inspections Reports (no appointment necessary; just send home inspection via email)
    1. Hang Flat Panel TV or Hide Computer Cables (in-wall wiring) – many variables to factor in
  2. Come out for an HOURLY RATE (1-hour minimum; does not include material and parts) usually for issues (SEE THE MATERIAL LIST):
    1. Are fixing an existing electrical situation
    1. Troubleshooting an unknown electrical situation
    1. Any situation outside of one of our Standard INSTALL categories (read on)
    1. When plans are not provided, unclear or unstated
  3. Come out for multiples of any of our Standard FLAT-RATE INSTALL categories (DOES include material and parts in the price) which include but not limited to (SEE THE PRICE LIST):
    1. Safety Panel Inspections (see specific policy for checklist)
    1. Whole House Safety Inspections (We do our Safety Panel Checklist (see specific policy), we check to make sure GFIs are in proper locations and test them, we make sure outlets are grounded, we look for open jboxes or splices, we make sure there are no code violations in unconcealed areas)
    1. Panel (Breaker Box) Upgrade
    1. Subpanel (Breaker Box) Addition
    1. Circuit Breaker Change
    1. Circuit Breaker Addition
    1. Light Fixtures – Depends on ceiling height and number of pieces
    1. Ceiling Fans – Depends on ceiling height and number of pieces
    1. Recessed Lighting (Can Lights)
    1. Switch/Dimmer/Outlet
    1. GCFI Outlet
    1. Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Addition/Upgrade
    1. Monthly Maintenance Packages (pending)
    1. Light Bulb Change in Hard to reach areas (pending)
    1. Jacuzzi Hookups (pending)
    1. Generally, anything NEWLY being added or Upgrade we have FIX, FLAT-RATES.
  4. All Situations are subject to our Standard Trip Fee.


There are three general Change Order situations.

  1.  If we are on the job due to an ESTIMATE and customer wants additional services.  That is a Change Order.  Refer to Pricing Policy, Price List, Material List OR contact Service Manager.
  2. If we are on the Job at an HOURLY-RATE.  It is important to log/record all time spent at customer’s house.  We require a ONE-HOUR minimum.  Should check-in with Service Manager every hour needed after that hour to provide update.
  3. If we are on the job due to a set number of any of our standard FLAT-RATE INSTALL situations and customer wants additional services.  That is a Change Order.  Refer to Pricing Policy, Price List, Material List OR contact Service Manager.
  4. Any change from what is listed and described within our HouseCall Pro Invoice would be a Change Order.  We are happy to help, stay longer to fix and resolve any issues while on location. 
  5. Any Job that takes longer than 1.5 hours to complete.  Should check in with Michael then and every hour thereafter.  He can help with troubleshooting, time management and adjust customer scheduling as needed.


In general, all new or change order situations should be noted in HouseCall Pro.  Any work done or time spent with a customer for electrical or other during operation hours are to be noted in HouseCall Pro.   

Procedure with customer would generally go something like this:

  1. Gather from customer all the information, details and desires. 
  2. This is perfect opportunity to up-sale or make suggestions based on what you have seen. 
  3. Help the customer get the full satisfaction of our visit. 
  4. Goal is to solve any electrical problem and leave them feeling taken care of. 
  5. Give customer FREE on-the-spot pricing.


We want to make our customers happy (Customer Satisfaction). We want our employees to be able to make our customer’s happy.  Customer Satisfaction is our Top Business Goal.  We believe this is achieved by COMMUNICATING UP-FRONT.  Most negative situations can be avoiding when Pricing is communicated and agreed upon up-front BEFORE ACTION IS TAKEN OR TIME IS SPENT.

We also want to make our employees happy (Employee Satisfaction).  We want to make our employees happy by providing stable income, stable hours of work and a stress-free environment.  That way, our employee can make our customer’s happy (Full-Circle).  Low Turnover Rate of our employees is our Top Management Goal.  We believe this is accomplished by UP-FRONT COMMUNICATION with Michael, Service Manager and/or through the HouseCall Pro App.  Information BEFORE ACTION IS TAKEN OR TIME IS SPENT during hours of operation will give Bickimer Electric the tools to running and manage a stable, profitable company that is stress and worry free for the employee.

Note:  We offer Customers the ability to schedule appointment and get pricing information both IN-PERSON, OVER-THE-PHONE and ONLINE (*New*).  Please, take a moment to look at our website to familiarize yourself with our online booking.