To unify panel inspection for all customer and set expectations for Bickimer Electric electrician while completing any panel inspection. 


This is a specific safety inspection for both the Panel and the Meter Can which saves lives and prevents house fires.  Only a licensed electrician may complete a Panel Inspection because anytime the panel is uncovered or the screws to the panel are touched, runs the risk of getting electrocuted


We will physically remove the cover of the panel and record, check and note:

  • The panel’s age and wear
  • The service size entering the home
  • The amount of power emitted from the utility
  • The type of box (circuit breaker or fuses)

And check for any of the follow problems and note/communicate the issues found to the customer:

  • Verify ground to Water Pipe or Ground Rod
  • Verify a Supplemental Ground Rod
  • Verify whether wires and switches are appropriately coordinated and sized. 
    • Verify all ground and neutral wires are landed on their own lug (only same ground wire type & size may share lug on ground bars)
    • Verify multi-branch circuits are landed on different phases
    • Check for wires with white insulation used as hot conductors (either phase or permanently color BLACK for a minimum of 6 inches at breaker)
    • Check for any Un-Used wires in panel (if found, pull out of panel and install j-box to land and cap off wires in)
  • Check for any double-tapped Breakers (more than 1 wire per breaker)
  • Check for any Over Fused Breakers (ie #14 wire on a 20A breaker)
  • Look for any smoky, dark, or rusty residue on Breakers and on/in/around the panel
  • Check for any Un-Used Knock-Out holes (blunder plug if necessary)
  • Check for improperly wired subpanels
  • Check whether the wires are neat and orderly
  • Check for any nicks or open slices in cables
  • Verify all connections are well tightened
  • When a panel is the first means of disconnect, then verify the neutral bar is bonded to the panel tub (either a green screw through neutral bar)
  • We will visually inspect the Meter Can and make sure up to NEC standards.  We cannot physically inspect or open the Meter Can.  Only KCP&L can.  We will check for any of the follow problems and note/communicate the issues found to the customer:
  • If needs a new meter mast
  • If have correct wire/service cables


Should be able to complete inspection inside of 1 hour.   Contact Michael for any time after 1-hour needed.


  • AC Voltage Detector SANT
  • Electrical Tester
  • Flashlight
  • Electrical Gloves


We generally charge by a fixed price for this – $250; not hourly.

*DISCOUNT available for NEW CUSTOMERS.  50% OFF the price of a PANEL INSPECTION. 

*Standard Trip Fees Apply.