Time and Material Invoicing

Procedure for Time and Material Jobs

  • Open the +Job up in HCP
  • Scroll down to Customer Tags – Look to see if the customer is tagged “contractor.” If the customer tagged with “contractor,” then the customer will be billed @90/hr for each electrician. If the customer not tagged as “contractor,” then they will be billed @120/hr for each electrician.
    • Customers tagged “contractor” will not have a trip charge.
    • All other customers will have a trip charge
  • Scroll down to Job Tags – here you will enter your name. This helps keep track of how much each truck is earning. If two electricians are on the same job, then you will tag the job: 2 trucks. You will also tag the job 2 trucks and then your initials. For example 2 trucks wj
    • You must keep track of all time and material and description of work on time and material jobs.
    • You have to include pictures of the job.
    • You may include a 30 min lunch in the time; if you take longer than a 30 min lunch, you have to deduct it in the time.
    • You may include one 30 min trip to home depot in time; if you take longer than 30 min or have to make multiple trips, you must deduct from time.
  • Under Services, you will input the Time you spent on the job.
  • You will include everything that you did under the Description of Work.
  • Under Material, you will add the material used for the job plus 50%.