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BICKIMER ELECTRIC VACATION POLICY PAID TIME OFF (PTO) Full-Time Employees of Bickimer Electric, LLC are entitled to 56 hours (or 7 days) of PAID TIME OFF (PTO) per year, which will start after one full year of employment with good attendance.   PTO uses include either vacation days, minor holidays (not mentioned below), personal leave or […]

Scheduling Procedure

Scheduling Procedure After every phone call, write in Customer Notes under Profile who you just talked too, what they want, and if you still need a text from them. Customer Notes are an excellent way to eliminate no call / no shows.  If a customer texts you, they are serious about the appointment. Tell the […]

Time and Material Invoicing

Procedure for Time and Material Jobs Open the +Job up in HCP Scroll down to Customer Tags – Look to see if the customer is tagged “contractor.” If the customer tagged with “contractor,” then the customer will be billed @90/hr for each electrician. If the customer not tagged as “contractor,” then they will be billed […]


How To View Paycheck With Direct Deposit Policy? We run payroll every two weeks.  You will not receive a paper statement in the mail if you sign up for direct deposit.  However, all paycheck information is available 24/7 online.  Follow the step listed below to access.  Please make sure we have a current email address […]


BICKIMER ELECTRIC Formal Evaluation Form (done twice a year: : after 90 day introductory period & a year from employee’s start date ) (Will have informal quarterly evaluation) Name: ________________________________ Date: _________________________________          Employee’s Start Date: _________________ Value Category Comments Points 5 Customer Service * Customer Feedback Business Representation               […]


BICKIMER ELECTRIC Formal Written Warning Form Name of Employee:   Date of Incident:   Date of Discussion:   Time commenced:   Location:   Time finished:   Type of warning:                 ¨            First written warning                 ¨            Second written warning                 ¨            Third and final written warning – grounds for termination Reasons for the written warning […]


SAFETY PANEL INSPECTION POLICY GOAL To unify panel inspection for all customer and set expectations for Bickimer Electric electrician while completing any panel inspection.  DESCRIPTION This is a specific safety inspection for both the Panel and the Meter Can which saves lives and prevents house fires.  Only a licensed electrician may complete a Panel Inspection […]


BICKIMER ELECTRIC PRICING POLICY NEW ORDERS We have three general pricing situations.  We can either: Come out and give a FREE-ESTIMATE for all work necessary either IN-PERSON (schedule a home visit) or OVER-THE-PHONE.  Charges explained up front.  Can includes but not limited to: Landscape Lighting Projects Remodel or Build Out Projects Rewiring Projects Home Inspections […]


BICKIMER ELECTRIC PRICE LIST Use these values when estimating jobs for multiples of any of our Standard FLAT-RATE INSTALL categories (DOES include material and parts in the price).   Remember, all Situations are subject to our Standard Trip Fee. Trip Charge – $75 Troubleshooting – $120/hr with a minimum of an hr Troubleshooting with a helper- […]


BICKIMER ELECTRIC MATERIAL LIST Use these values when estimating jobs for TIME and MATERIAL (i.e. HOURLY RATE).  These are the cost of the MATERIALS (already includes markup-20%).  Remember, all Situations are subject to our Standard Trip Fee and the HOURLY RATE (1-hour minimum; does not include material and parts).  See Pricing Policy for more information […]