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Within our Blog titled: Navigating the NEC, we talked about how to evaluate and identify a Legitimately Licensed and Insured Electrical Contractor. Explaining to you the importance of your Electrical Company being up-to-date on the National Electrical Code (NEC). Making them able to pull permits and complete your job to code to avoid violations, fines and problems at the sell of your house.

Within this article, we want to review more important things to look for a when searching for a Licensed Electrician near you. Asking yourself these questions will help you find an Qualified and Reliable Local Electrical Contractor.

• Do they have a website with contact information? Do they have marked vehicles and uniforms?

Those are nice signs of legitimacy. You want to be able to get a hold of them. Avoid electricians who want you to contact them only through P.O.boxes, pagers and answering services. A reputable contractor should be happy to give you his permanent information. Contractors who show up in unmarked vehicles or without uniforms may be suspect.

• What do they do most often? Do they have any sub-specialties?

Compare that to what you need to be done! Know what you want before you talk to them. Does it match?

• Do they do more than just electrical work?

It is best to hire a company that ONLY does electrical work. There are many companies out there that do heating/cooling, plumbing, and electrical. Stay away from those. More than likely you will be paying for something you don’t need or overpaying for the electrical work you do need. Hire the specialist. Hire the Kansas City electrician that knows about electricity.

• Do they have insurance?

Can ask for a copy. Any insurance electrician will gladly be able to provide you with proof of insurance (certificate of insurance COI).

• Look at the quality and quantity of online reviews.

Do they have GOOD Google Reviews and Facebook reviews?

• Check disciplinary boards?

Do they have NO Better Business Bureau reviews? Customer’s only left BBB reviews when they have a problem.

• Of course, if you can get a reference, then that is even better than an online review.

Maybe from a friend, relative or co-worker? Any past clients or contractors, who can tell you if the Licensed Master Electrician does good work.

• We also recommend you get three Quotes or Estimates.

At Bickimer Electric, Quotes and Estimates are Free.

• Finally, payment issues. Does the Electrician ask for Cash or Apple Pay instead of invoicing through the business?

Fraud is a problem for any contractor company. You want to make sure you pay the company, not the electrician and get a business receipt showing invoice is paid in full. If the electrician is dishonest, you will find yourself in the position where the company will have no record of the work done. Thus, will not stand behind their work.

Here at Bickimer Electric, we are a small, family owned and operated electrical repair company. We do not mind educating you on how to find the best certified Kansas electrician because we are confident we are doing everything to biuild a reputitable reputation and provide each customer with quality service. The owner, Mike, has been acknowledged by Kansas City Blog group called Blogger Local as one of the top 10 electrical companies in the area. You can trust the people at Bickimer Elecrtric.

If you want a beyond the basic Electrical Contractor for your job, then hire Bickimer Electric!

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