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At Bickimer Electric, Customer Satisfaction is our primary goal.  We achieve this by up-front, transparent communication.  We believe the more you know, the happier you will be with your service.  Which is why we offer Free Estimates.  You will never be surprised by us because we communicate in advance our plan and fees then get your approval and input before proceeding.


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Before and After Galley Kitchen Remodel

We are expanding our service to support our customer satisfaction goal.  Bickimer Electric has added Before and After Photos, because pictures are worth a million words.  Just ask for them, and we can attach the images to your invoice.  Now you are armed with more knowledge and can be more satisfied.

With today’s growing technology, why not have visual proof of work.  We have the most skilled and knowledgeable licensed electrician team.  We proudly stand behind our work and are licensed and insured to do any job, small or large. 


The benefit of having before and after pictures not only adds to your satisfaction but to your quality assurance.  Because this way, the owner and master electrician of the company, can personally review all work done.  We have a double check system in place.  Multiple licensed electricians are considering your job to make sure it is done entirely and safely to current codes. 

Before And After Light Bulb 1030x1030

Before and after photos can be helpful documentation to have in many other situations.  Like with preparing your house for sale.  Buyers like to see the history of the home, especially if you have made many upgrades.  That adds value they can see on paper.  Not all enhancements translate to the overall price of your home.  However, it can make your home more desired over another house with many unknowns thus be on the market less time. 

When dealing with insurance companies, they might question the integrity of the electrical system.  Our invoices detail the work done, and together with the before and after photos, you would have proof of the home’s safety and security.    

When dealing with other contractors or future electricians, never be sold again on the same work twice.  Or if standards changes, know precisely where to start. 

Memories fade and facts get hard to remember.  A picture never changes.  This way, you have proof of work done to remind yourself or show others.  You can never have too much information about your home’s upgrades, fixes, and modifications. 

Before And After Light Fixture 1030x740
Before and After Ceiling Light


In fact, we suggest you start a book or file to collect all the information you do to your home.  It should contain

  • the company contact information
  • bill of sale or invoices
  • any warranty information
  • manuals if you have them. 

At Bickimer Electric, our invoices describe all the work done in detail and now have the option for before and after photos. 

So when you make your appointment, call today.

Ask for Before and After Pictures.

Anytime before you pay!

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