Is Your Electrical Panel Hiding a Dangerous Secret?

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Snap! Crackle! Pop?

Is Your Electrical Panel Hiding a Dangerous Secret?

It’s one of the most critical pieces of your entire home’s electrical system. Still, very few of us ever really think about our electrical panel until something goes wrong. All of our Bickimer electrical experts recommend that you have your entire homes electrical system inspected at least once per year; we always advise that our customers check on their main panel at least once per month. Here, our experts discuss some of the important signs you should look out for that could indicate a more significant electrical issue.

It’s Getting Hot In Here!

Much as we all enjoy staying comfy warm, your electrical panel doesn’t want to be. When you open the door to the main panel, feel around the outside of the panel and put your hand across the center of the breakers. Everything should be room temperature. If anything feels warm to the touch, especially a single breaker or section of the box, you should immediately call a licensed electrical expert to conduct a full inspection.

Snap! Crackle! Pop!

Your electrical panel has no moving parts, which means it should be almost completely silent. There may If you hear any sounds at all, you should not touch the panel, and should contact a licensed electrical expert. If you easily hear a humming noise coming from the panel, it indicates that one or more breakers is failing. Any crackling, snapping, or popping sounds usually indicate that electricity is actively arcing across surfaces in the panel; you should not approach it or allow anyone else near it.

Burned Panel - Electrical Fire

Heavy Smokers Beware

It goes without saying, but if you ever see or smell any smoke coming from any part of your electrical system, you should immediately get out of the home and call the fire department. Once they clear the area, a licensed electrical expert will be able to secure the property and repair any damage for you.


Flickering Bulb

Are your lights flickering like candles? Do they flicker when your AC kicks in? These are common signs that your electrical system is having trouble moving enough power. This can be anything from a poorly connected circuit to worn cabling and arcing panels. It’s also possible that you may have maxed out your panels ability to supply enough power. When this happens, you’ll need to either add another service or upgrade your existing service.

Safety First; Safety Last

The single most important thing to remember is that your safety and that of your family have to come first. Never put yourself at risk if you’re unsure of the state of your electrical system.

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