Scheduling Procedure

Scheduling Procedure

After every phone call, write in Customer Notes under Profile who you just talked too, what they want, and if you still need a text from them.

Customer Notes are an excellent way to eliminate no call / no shows.  If a customer texts you, they are serious about the appointment.

Tell the customer you will look at the schedule and figure out when we can schedule an appointment.

  • Ask them what their preferred availability is? 
  • If they say, “Well, I work from 8 am – 5 pm.”
  • Explain: “We are very family and employee-oriented, and to provide you with the best customer service.  We’ve found it’s best for us to work during normal business hours versus scheduling overtime.”  “Our first call is always between 8:30 am – 9 am and our last call is always scheduled at 230 pm.”
  • Ask them if there is any way they can meet on their lunch break?


You may delete the note after you complete the task.


Even if it is calling a customer back; write that down in notes.

Scheduling blocks for Troubleshooting calls:

  • First call is always between 830-9
  • 2nd window is always 1030-1230
  • 3rd window is always 1-230

Scheduling blocks for Set Pricing work:

  • First appointment is always between 830-9
  • 2nd appointment is always between 1- 230

If you schedule two-Set Pricing work orders in the same day for the same electrician, then let the customer know for the 2nd service call that a second day may be needed if the electrician cannot finish by the end of the day. 

It is best to schedule an electrician with one-set pricing work order and one-troubleshooting call at the end of the day.


Make sure to mention to every customer our new SAFE HOME service agreement and tell them the features and benefits of it.

“I will go ahead and schedule your service call.  I want to let you know about this great deal we have going on.  We are rolling out service maintenance contracts which are a great deal for you!”

In our service agreements, we waive the trip charges for service calls. We also give you a 15 percent discount on labor. We sell our service agreements for only $200/year. It includes 2 scheduled maintenance checks and all the discounts on future service calls. Would you be interested in purchasing this maintenance contract? We only offer this to existing customers.                                          We can schedule your first maintenance check in 45 days.”

When scheduling a job, must enter complete information for every customer.

You must look to see if caller is an existing customer?

If they are an existing customer, then you add Customer Tag “Repeat” and “what year they became a customer.”

If not an existing customer, then must enter appropriated Customer Tags of “year they became a customer” and type of customer either

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Contractor and New Construction
  • Contractor and Remodel Work
  • Property Management (example, Realtor)
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Service Provider (example, Home Warranty, Smart Home, specialized industries)

NOTE: Customer tagged as “Contractor” do not receive “On my way!” texts or appointment reminders!


If a customer books an appointment online, you must call the customer back to thank them for booking online.  Moreover, to confirm appointment. Our HouseCall Pro (HCP) system only allows customers to book appointments as invoices. So, you must confirm with customer what they want?  Free Estimate or Invoice.  If they want an estimate then convert work order from invoice to estimate in HCP system.

Must write as much information in the Job Notes section as possible, so electrician has the best understanding of what they are going to do.


If you get a call about a customer complaint, let them know that a service manager will be in contact with them.

Also, we want to get the reason for the complaint and show empathy and understanding.           “Oh my gosh, I am so sorry about that.           That must be really frustrating for you!”

<PAUSE FOR CUSTOMER RESPONSE> “I am so glad you called us.  I will get in touch with a service manager right away who will get in touch with you.  Thank you for your call.”



“This is _________ with Bickimer Electric


“Hi, I have an outlet/switch not working. I can’t figure out what’s wrong.

“I have a problem”

  • “My lights not working”
  • “My fan not working”
  • “My appliance not working”
  • “My breaker won’t reset, not working”

“I’m not sure the issue. Can you come to take a look?”


“Yes, that’s no problem. We can definitely help you out with that.     The way our pricing works is we have a $75-dollar trip charge, and then for troubleshooting issues we are time and material. We are $120/hr with a min of 1 hr.”


“Ok, when can I get on the schedule, and do you know how long it will take.”


“Our company specializes in troubleshooting, and they are all master electricians and can usually fix the problem in an hr or two.  However, there is always the situation where the problem is concealed, meaning it is in the walls, and that can take longer. We always notify you if that is the case and get your approval if we have to cut drywall or fish any wires.     Can you text me your name, address, and email and I will look at schedule and see when we can get you in.


“Do I text to this number?”


Yes, you can text to this number.  What does your availability usually look like?


**** I’m flexible


Ok thanks, text me that info and I will text you right back.

***** If they say “ Well, I work from 8-5” Tell them “We are very family and employee-oriented, and to provide you with the best customer service.  We’ve found it’s best for us to work during normal business hours versus scheduling overtime.”  “Our first call is always between 8:30 am – 9 am and our last call is always scheduled at 230 pm.”  Ask them if there is any way they can meet on their lunch break?*****

Sample call with Miscellaneous items

****Note: These are examples of appropriate responses. However, we want you to personalize the phone calls once you get the responses down.         Compliment and get excited with the customer. Make it an enjoyable phone call for the customer.*****

Surge protectors You:

This is ____ with Bickimer Electric


“Do you guys install whole-home surge protectors?”


Yes, we do, we charge $250 for that. Are you guys having problems with surges in your home?

Adding outlets


“Can you install an outlet up high on the wall for a tv?”


Is there an outlet right below it?




We charge $150 if there is an outlet directly below it that we can fish up an outlet. However, our min service call is $195 so if you don’t have anything else it would be $195.

Outside outlets


“Do you guys install outside outlets?”


Yes, does it need to be dedicated? What will you be using it for?


“Nothing big, landscape lights or my grill.”


We can tap off an inside outlet right on the other side of the wall where you want it and install it for $250.  If it needs to be dedicated, meaning it runs directly from your panel, it depends on if the area the panel is located, and if it is an unfinished section and how long the run is. If it’s less than 30 feet, then we charge $370. If it’s longer than 30 feet, it can be anywhere from $370-$550. Would you like our service manager to take a look or can you text me a picture of the area? That is very exciting that you want to add exterior lighting. Would you like to set up a time with one of our lighting specialists? They can come out and discuss your project. We can give you great ideas to help make it as efficient as possible and also make sure that you get everything you want.  Security lights as well as accent lighting!

Can Lights


“You guys install can lights.”


Is there attic access or do we have to cut drywall?


“I have a fixture right now where I want the can light”


Ok, we charge 250 to make it a can light and 200 a can if you would like to add any.     Its 250 a can if we have to cut ceiling to get it in. We won’t know if we have to cut ceiling or not until we know which way the  trusses run. If you want a dimmer, we charge 46/ dimmer.

**Note: if customer asks for three way switching, service manager will probably have to take a look to see if it can be done

Scheduling An Estimate


  • “I want to add some pendant lights”
  • “I want an outlet for xmas lights”
  • “I have several miscellaneous electrical projects”


Ok great, would you like us to come out for an estimate?


“Yes.” You:

Ok, can you text me your name, address, and email and I will look at the schedule and see when Mike’s first available is?  What does your availability usually look like?

New Electrical Panels


“What do you charge for a new panel.”


We charge $1250; there is catch though. When we go pull the permit, KCP&L will come out to pigtail the service so we can work on it safely. If they see that your outside meter can/mast is not up to date, they will make you replace that as well.   We charge $1250 for a new meter, masts, weather-head, point of attachment, guy wire, and new ser cables.  If you want to text me a pic of your meter can setup, I will be able to tell if KCP&L will make you upgrade.


“Ok, how long does the process take.”


So, we can pull-the-permit today.  Once we pull-the-permit, it takes KCP&L 3-5 days to send a planner out there to make sure everything is ok with your meter can set up.  Once they do that, it takes another 3-5 for them to send a truck out to pigtail the service.                                     Once they install the pigtail, we can start right away.  So minimum it will take 6-10 days from when we pull permit.


“How long will my power be out.”


Most of the day.  We will start between 830-9 and power will be off most of that day. Inspector will also stop by that day to inspect the work.  Once we pass the inspection, they will notify KCP&L to remove the pigtail and install your regular power line.

Up-Grade Panels


“How much to upgrade from 100 to 200 amps?”


To upgrade, you will need a new panel, a new meter can, and a new upgraded wire.  We charge $1250 for a new panel; this includes making sure your service has a ground and a supplemental ground. $1250 for a new meter; this includes the meter can, mast, poa, weather-head, and guy wire. Lastly, $500 for new conduit and ser cable from meter can to panel.

Small Jobs


“How much do you charge to do a small job like switching 2 lights to LED?”


We charge $35/LED Trim. However, we have a $195 minimum service call. Do you have any other electrical work you need to be done? If not, it would be $195 for the labor and $30 for the material. So, the total would be $225.

Realtors and New Home Buyers


This is __________ with Bickimer Electric.  


“Hello, we just moved into a new house, and we have a list of things that need to be done.  I was wondering if someone can meet us out at new house to take a look?”


“Congratulations on your new home purchase.  I’m really excited for you.  Is this your first home? That’s great! Did you get an inspection?  Do you have an inspection report?


“Yes we do.”


Can you email us the inspection report? Many times, our service managers can give a reasonable estimate based on the inspection report and pictures that come with it.  If there are items on there that he cannot estimate, he will set up a time with you to take a look. I will text you the email address to send the report too. [email protected]

*Cross-Sell the SAFE HOME service agreement contract!  Always bring this up.*



“Hi, I’m a realtor and have a client that needs some electrical work done.”


Ok great.  We provide free estimates.  Do you have an inspection report that we can take a look at?

If this is the first time we have talked with this realtor, refer to the realtor manual to get to know them. We want to become their preferred electricians. Make sure they know we give free estimates off of all inspection reports. We are here to help if their clients have any questions.                               We want to be involved in every house they sell or buy. Personalize and humanize.        Make sure to tag the customer as “Realtor,” that way, we can run special reports for them and check-in.                      Realtors need to be our best friends!

CSST Connectors


This is     

with Bickimer Electric


“We got an inspection done.  The inspection report says to bond the CSST connection. Is that something you guys do?”


Yes, we typically charge $300, if the CSST connection is in an unfinished part of basement and the same location as your panel or water line.                                    If it is a finished basement and we have to do some fishing, we would have to come out and take a look to see what can be done and how much it will be.



“How much to install a GFCI?”


We charge $55/GFCI.  However, we charge $195 minimum per service call.  If you have less than 4, it would be $195 plus the cost of the GFI ($22 ea).

Panel Inspections


“I think there may be something wrong with my panel and I want to make sure it is safe. Can someone come out to take a look?”


We can definitely come out to look.  We charge $250 for panel inspections. That includes (see Panel Inspection Checklist).                  If you want us to check out your whole house. We charge $400 for that which includes (see Whole Home Inspection Checklist)

Ceiling Fans


This is        with Bickimer Electric


“Do you guys hang ceiling fans?”


Yes, is there electrical in the room where we are going to hang fan or do we need to install that too?


“No, there is no electrical” You:

Ok, we would need to install a fan rated box and a switch leg.            Is there attic access above the room or is there a room above it?


****(there is attic access)


Ok, we charge $300 for the fan rated box plus switch leg.  Our price for hanging the fan depends on ceiling height. How tall is the ceiling?


“Not sure, the standard height.”


Is it between 8-10 feet?




Ok, then we charge $150 to hang the fan.


******(there is no attic access).


Ok, can you text me a pic of the room.  I should  be able to give you an estimate off that.  Can you also text me your name, address, and email so I can get you in the system and send you an estimate?

This is an excellent time to cross-sell. Suggest, ‘This might be a good time to install recessed lighting, which is very popular since we will be up in the ceiling already. Especially if the room is a den or living room.’                                               Always thinking outside the box on ways to add services.        You could also talk about a special you have on your SAFE  HOME service agreement contract.

Fixtures and Chandeliers


This is     

with Bickimer Electric.


“Do you hang chandeliers?” “Do you install fixtures?” “Do you install floodlights?”


We do.  Our price depends on two things.    Ceiling height, and the number of pieces in a fixture.             Can you text me a picture of the [type of fixture] you want to be hung and how tall the ceiling is?




Ok great.  Can you also text me your name, address and email so I can get you in the system and email you an estimate?

*Cross-sell here!  Ask them if they have any other fixtures they would like to hang? Maybe they want to add lighting? Can lights, pendant lights, etc.

Time and Material Invoicing

Procedure for Time and Material Jobs

  • Open the +Job up in HCP
  • Scroll down to Customer Tags – Look to see if the customer is tagged “contractor.” If the customer tagged with “contractor,” then the customer will be billed @90/hr for each electrician. If the customer not tagged as “contractor,” then they will be billed @120/hr for each electrician.
    • Customers tagged “contractor” will not have a trip charge.
    • All other customers will have a trip charge
  • Scroll down to Job Tags – here you will enter your name. This helps keep track of how much each truck is earning. If two electricians are on the same job, then you will tag the job: 2 trucks. You will also tag the job 2 trucks and then your initials. For example 2 trucks wj
    • You must keep track of all time and material and description of work on time and material jobs.
    • You have to include pictures of the job.
    • You may include a 30 min lunch in the time; if you take longer than a 30 min lunch, you have to deduct it in the time.
    • You may include one 30 min trip to home depot in time; if you take longer than 30 min or have to make multiple trips, you must deduct from time.
  • Under Services, you will input the Time you spent on the job.
  • You will include everything that you did under the Description of Work.
  • Under Material, you will add the material used for the job plus 50%.


How To View Paycheck With Direct Deposit Policy?

We run payroll every two weeks.  You will not receive a paper statement in the mail if you sign up for direct deposit.  However, all paycheck information is available 24/7 online.  Follow the step listed below to access. 

  1. Please make sure we have a current email address on file. We have provided a spot to write it in in the NEW HIRE Packet.
  2. Search VIEWMYPAYCHECK at Intuit to find the link.  Should be
  3. Sign-up (Free Online Account).  All you will need is:
    1. Email Address
    1. Social Security Number
    1. Network
    1. Will ask you to choose a password (please save for future needs)


BICKIMER ELECTRIC Formal Evaluation Form

(done twice a year from employee’s start date)

(Will have informal quarterly evaluation)

Name: ________________________________

Date: _________________________________          Employee’s Start Date: _________________

Value Category Comments Points
5 Costumer Service * Costumer Feedback Business Representation                
5 Performance * Accuracy * Technical Skills * Efficiency            
5 Time & Attendance * On Time To Work * On Time to Service Calls * Missed Days Above and Beyond PTO            
15 Total Points Actual Points _____
2.10% Total Annual Percent Raise Value Actual Annual Percent Raise _____

Manager Signature: ___________________________ Date: _________________________

Employee Signature: ____________________________ Date: ________________________


BICKIMER ELECTRIC Formal Written Warning Form

Name of Employee:   Date of Incident:  
Date of Discussion:   Time commenced:  
Location:   Time finished:  

Type of warning:

                ¨            First written warning

                ¨            Second written warning

                ¨            Third and final written warning – grounds for termination

Reasons for the written warning (attach or refer to any relevant notes / documentation):


Employee’s response was:


Manager’s comments:


Agreed action:


Follow-up date:

   ¨ Copy given to employee on __ / __ / _______.

Manager’s Name (Print)                                                                                Signature

Employee’s Name (Print)                                                                               Signature



Full-Time Employee’s of Bickimer Electric, LLC are entitled to 56 hours (or 7 days) of PAID TIME OFF (PTO) per year which will start after one full year of employment with good attendance.  

PTO uses include either vacation days, minor holidays (not mentioned below), personal leave or sick leave.  To be used at employee’s discretion and will increase annually at rate listed in chart.

Years of service Average days per year
Less than 1 year of service 0
After 1 year of service 7
2 years of service 9
3 years of service 11
4 years of service 12
5 years of service 12
6 years of service 14
7 years of service 15
8 years of service 15
9 years of service 16
10 years of service 16
11 years of service 17
12 years of service 18
13 years of service 18
14 years of service 18
15 years of service 19
More than 15 years of service 21

Time does Not Role-Over or Accrue each year.  Unused PTO can Not be Cashed-In.*

Vacation Policy

Full-Time Employee’s of Bickimer Electric, LLC will enjoy the follow MAJOR HOLIDAY’S PAID and OFF starting from the first day of employment:

  • New Years Eve and New Years Day
  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (4th of July)
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day


  1. Send an email to [email protected] to be reviewed.
  2. Will respond with approval, denial or adjustment of dates.
  3. Information to be filled in employee’s file.


Unused PTO can Not be Cashed-In. 


Require Up-Front Communication and Documentation for Absence (i.e. doctor’s note, copy of accident report, etc) if going to be covered under PTO (if have PTO to use).  Otherwise, no pay for the day and grounds for formal written warning.




To unify panel inspection for all customer and set expectations for Bickimer Electric electrician while completing any panel inspection. 


This is a specific safety inspection for both the Panel and the Meter Can which saves lives and prevents house fires.  Only a licensed electrician may complete a Panel Inspection because anytime the panel is uncovered or the screws to the panel are touched, runs the risk of getting electrocuted


We will physically remove the cover of the panel and record, check and note:

  • The panel’s age and wear
  • The service size entering the home
  • The amount of power emitted from the utility
  • The type of box (circuit breaker or fuses)

And check for any of the follow problems and note/communicate the issues found to the customer:

  • Verify ground to Water Pipe or Ground Rod
  • Verify a Supplemental Ground Rod
  • Verify whether wires and switches are appropriately coordinated and sized. 
    • Verify all ground and neutral wires are landed on their own lug (only same ground wire type & size may share lug on ground bars)
    • Verify multi-branch circuits are landed on different phases
    • Check for wires with white insulation used as hot conductors (either phase or permanently color BLACK for a minimum of 6 inches at breaker)
    • Check for any Un-Used wires in panel (if found, pull out of panel and install j-box to land and cap off wires in)
  • Check for any double-tapped Breakers (more than 1 wire per breaker)
  • Check for any Over Fused Breakers (ie #14 wire on a 20A breaker)
  • Look for any smoky, dark, or rusty residue on Breakers and on/in/around the panel
  • Check for any Un-Used Knock-Out holes (blunder plug if necessary)
  • Check for improperly wired subpanels
  • Check whether the wires are neat and orderly
  • Check for any nicks or open slices in cables
  • Verify all connections are well tightened
  • When a panel is the first means of disconnect, then verify the neutral bar is bonded to the panel tub (either a green screw through neutral bar)
  • We will visually inspect the Meter Can and make sure up to NEC standards.  We cannot physically inspect or open the Meter Can.  Only KCP&L can.  We will check for any of the follow problems and note/communicate the issues found to the customer:
  • If needs a new meter mast
  • If have correct wire/service cables


Should be able to complete inspection inside of 1 hour.   Contact Michael for any time after 1-hour needed.


  • AC Voltage Detector SANT
  • Electrical Tester
  • Flashlight
  • Electrical Gloves


We generally charge by a fixed price for this – $250; not hourly.

*DISCOUNT available for NEW CUSTOMERS.  50% OFF the price of a PANEL INSPECTION. 

*Standard Trip Fees Apply.




We have three general pricing situations.  We can either:

  1. Come out and give a FREE-ESTIMATE for all work necessary either IN-PERSON (schedule a home visit) or OVER-THE-PHONE.  Charges explained up front.  Can includes but not limited to:
    1. Landscape Lighting Projects
    1. Remodel or Build Out Projects
    1. Rewiring Projects
    1. Home Inspections Reports (no appointment necessary; just send home inspection via email)
    1. Hang Flat Panel TV or Hide Computer Cables (in-wall wiring) – many variables to factor in
  2. Come out for an HOURLY RATE (1-hour minimum; does not include material and parts) usually for issues (SEE THE MATERIAL LIST):
    1. Are fixing an existing electrical situation
    1. Troubleshooting an unknown electrical situation
    1. Any situation outside of one of our Standard INSTALL categories (read on)
    1. When plans are not provided, unclear or unstated
  3. Come out for multiples of any of our Standard FLAT-RATE INSTALL categories (DOES include material and parts in the price) which include but not limited to (SEE THE PRICE LIST):
    1. Safety Panel Inspections (see specific policy for checklist)
    1. Whole House Safety Inspections (We do our Safety Panel Checklist (see specific policy), we check to make sure GFIs are in proper locations and test them, we make sure outlets are grounded, we look for open jboxes or splices, we make sure there are no code violations in unconcealed areas)
    1. Panel (Breaker Box) Upgrade
    1. Subpanel (Breaker Box) Addition
    1. Circuit Breaker Change
    1. Circuit Breaker Addition
    1. Light Fixtures – Depends on ceiling height and number of pieces
    1. Ceiling Fans – Depends on ceiling height and number of pieces
    1. Recessed Lighting (Can Lights)
    1. Switch/Dimmer/Outlet
    1. GCFI Outlet
    1. Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Addition/Upgrade
    1. Monthly Maintenance Packages (pending)
    1. Light Bulb Change in Hard to reach areas (pending)
    1. Jacuzzi Hookups (pending)
    1. Generally, anything NEWLY being added or Upgrade we have FIX, FLAT-RATES.
  4. All Situations are subject to our Standard Trip Fee.


There are three general Change Order situations.

  1.  If we are on the job due to an ESTIMATE and customer wants additional services.  That is a Change Order.  Refer to Pricing Policy, Price List, Material List OR contact Service Manager.
  2. If we are on the Job at an HOURLY-RATE.  It is important to log/record all time spent at customer’s house.  We require a ONE-HOUR minimum.  Should check-in with Service Manager every hour needed after that hour to provide update.
  3. If we are on the job due to a set number of any of our standard FLAT-RATE INSTALL situations and customer wants additional services.  That is a Change Order.  Refer to Pricing Policy, Price List, Material List OR contact Service Manager.
  4. Any change from what is listed and described within our HouseCall Pro Invoice would be a Change Order.  We are happy to help, stay longer to fix and resolve any issues while on location. 
  5. Any Job that takes longer than 1.5 hours to complete.  Should check in with Michael then and every hour thereafter.  He can help with troubleshooting, time management and adjust customer scheduling as needed.


In general, all new or change order situations should be noted in HouseCall Pro.  Any work done or time spent with a customer for electrical or other during operation hours are to be noted in HouseCall Pro.   

Procedure with customer would generally go something like this:

  1. Gather from customer all the information, details and desires. 
  2. This is perfect opportunity to up-sale or make suggestions based on what you have seen. 
  3. Help the customer get the full satisfaction of our visit. 
  4. Goal is to solve any electrical problem and leave them feeling taken care of. 
  5. Give customer FREE on-the-spot pricing.


We want to make our customers happy (Customer Satisfaction). We want our employees to be able to make our customer’s happy.  Customer Satisfaction is our Top Business Goal.  We believe this is achieved by COMMUNICATING UP-FRONT.  Most negative situations can be avoiding when Pricing is communicated and agreed upon up-front BEFORE ACTION IS TAKEN OR TIME IS SPENT.

We also want to make our employees happy (Employee Satisfaction).  We want to make our employees happy by providing stable income, stable hours of work and a stress-free environment.  That way, our employee can make our customer’s happy (Full-Circle).  Low Turnover Rate of our employees is our Top Management Goal.  We believe this is accomplished by UP-FRONT COMMUNICATION with Michael, Service Manager and/or through the HouseCall Pro App.  Information BEFORE ACTION IS TAKEN OR TIME IS SPENT during hours of operation will give Bickimer Electric the tools to running and manage a stable, profitable company that is stress and worry free for the employee.

Note:  We offer Customers the ability to schedule appointment and get pricing information both IN-PERSON, OVER-THE-PHONE and ONLINE (*New*).  Please, take a moment to look at our website to familiarize yourself with our online booking. 



Use these values when estimating jobs for multiples of any of our Standard FLAT-RATE INSTALL categories (DOES include material and parts in the price).   Remember, all Situations are subject to our Standard Trip Fee.

  • Trip Charge – $75
  • Troubleshooting – $120/hr with a minimum of an hr
  • Troubleshooting with a helper- $165/hr min one hr
  • Whole house Safety Inspection (We do our Safety Panel Checklist (see specific policy), we check to make sure GFIs are in proper locations and test them, we make sure outlets are grounded, we look for open jboxes or splices, we make sure there are no code violations in unconcealed areas) – $400
  • Safety Panel Inspection (see Checklist among Specific Policies) – $250 Note: DISCOUNT available for NEW CUSTOMERS.  50% OFF the price of a SAFETY PANEL INSPECTION. 
  • Replace switch – $30
  • Replace outlet – $30
  • Install dimmer – $46
  • 6” led can trim – $35 (we warranty these for a year)
  • Add outlet to circuit – $120
  • Outside GFI outlet (when tapping off existing circuit) – $250
  • Exhaust Fan (does not include venting, but does include the fan) – $400
  • Install switchleg to fan box (make 2 gang box, install fan rated brace, run switchleg) – $350
  • Hang Ceiling Fan or Chandelier less than 30 pieces:
    • 8’ – $150
    • 10’ – $190
    • 12’ – $250
    • 16’ – $350
    • 18’ – $550
  • Hang Dome light – $76
  • Install GFI – $55
  • Junction Box – $65 (if in unfinished basement)
  • Junction Box – $95 (if in attic or crawl space)
  • 6” Can lights (includes one switchleg) – $200/light (if we don’t have to cut drywall)
  • 6” Can lights (includes one switchleg) – $250/light (if we are cutting ceiling)
  • 4” Can light (includes one switchleg) – $250/light (if we don’t have to cut drywall)
  • 4” Can light (includes one switchleg) – $300/light (if we have to cut ceiling)
  • Extend switch bank – $175
  • Replace breaker (does not include breaker, and tandem breakers or specialty breakers will cost more) -46
  • Cable or telephone – $180/drop
  • 4’ fluorescent – $135 (does not include fixture)
  • Smoke detector battery powered – $65 (interconnecting system will cost more)
  • Smoke/carbon detector battery powered – $90
  • Wireless doorbell: (install only) – $180
  • 15 amp dedicated circuit – $180 (add $30 for gfi)
  • 20 amp dedicated circuit – $250
  • 30 amp dedicated circuit – $365
  • Reground less than 30’ – $250
  • Slip joint – $350
  • Reattach meter can – $120
  • New panel – $1250
  • New meter can – $1250
  • New SER wire from Meter Can to panel – S500
  • Subpanels – $550 (if it is right next to panel) (if it is NOT next to panel, will need in person estimate, price will vary from here)



Use these values when estimating jobs for TIME and MATERIAL (i.e. HOURLY RATE).  These are the cost of the MATERIALS (already includes markup-20%).  Remember, all Situations are subject to our Standard Trip Fee and the HOURLY RATE (1-hour minimum; does not include material and parts).  See Pricing Policy for more information and usual circumstances.

  • Trip Charge – $75
  • Troubleshooting – $120/hr with a minimum of an hr
  • Troubleshooting with a helper- $165/hr min one hr
  • 20 amp GFCI – $26
  • Outlet – $2
  • Switch – $2
  • Coverplate – $0.50
  • 2 gang coverplate – $2
  • 3 gang coverplate – $3
  • 4 gang coverplate – $3.50
  • 15 or 20 amp breaker ch – $9
  • 30-60 amp breaker ch – $18
  • Tandem breaker ch – $24
  • 15 or 20 amp breaker br – $6
  • 30-60 amp breaker br – $12
  • Tandem breaker br – $19
  • Dimmer – $28
  • Single gang old work box – $1
  • 2 gang old work box – $3
  • 3 gang old work box – $5
  • 14 or 12 gage wire – $6 every 20 feet
  • 10 gage wire – $ 12 every 20 feet
  • 6 gage wire – $38 every 20 feet
  • Misc. materials such as wire nuts, staples, straps, etc. – $3 added to every time and material invoice