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Times are tough, money is tight, businesses are shut down across the nation. It’s tough to decide how to recover and monopolize on what will be a massive sales surge once stores re-open. It may sound counterintuitive given the climate, and the difficulty in securing financing, but our service experts are here to tell you why now may be the best time you will ever find to remodel your entire business


We have all now experienced the pain of trying to secure the Payroll Protection Plan money, and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan, but there are many other federally backed financing options. Right now, interest rates are at their lowest point in years!

Beyond the federal option, most traditional finance companies are lowering their own interest rates to attract new customers with sufficient creditworthiness to underwrite. For well-qualified businesses, borrowing hasn’t been this cheap in decades!

Financing Uptick


Discounts Discounts Discounts

Many contractors are offering steep discounts and incentives to secure needed revenue in what has very much become a buyers market. Here at Bickimer Electric, we have been able to offer our commercial clients significant savings and discounts. With employees not present, and work able to be completed on remodels during business hours, labor costs to contractors are much lower. The work can be completed much more quickly, and cheaply, while providing the same outstanding Bickimer service that Kansas City and Overland Park have come to expect.


Still not convinced? We can’t blame you for that, it’s a big, expensive decision. There are several other critical advantages beyond financing, completion speed, and discounts:


Business will eventually re-open, and customers who have spent months locked in their homes will flood into malls, retail centers, and big box stores. With such a traumatic experience so fresh in minds, it will be the businesses sensitive to the concerns and fears of the public who will win over their custom. What better way to assuage fears than to show your all-new, fresh, clean, and sanitized look!


What gives you the edge? What are your direct competitors doing? What will be your unique selling point when businesses re-open? A brand new look, with a refreshed product line, is guaranteed to give you an edge. Now is the time to plan and execute your business makeover, make advanced announcements over social media, and market the new, fresh look of your business in preparation for the big re-open!

The Business that Reacts is the Business That Succeeds

We know from past experience with recessions and other national disasters that when things do begin to return to some semblance of normal, there will be a massive push towards retail. How you react now, in preparation for that moment, will define your business model for years to come.

It will never again be this cheap or this right to undertake necessary repairs, upgrades, and remodeling for your business. For those with the drive and daring to seize this moment, the future will be extremely rewarding.

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