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A great deal has changed in the last few months, with people becoming more aware than ever of the potential risks and dangers to personal interaction. As states begin to reopen and we move towards a post-COVID world, we at Bickimer Electric understand that things are absolutely not what they were.

As contractors serving the public, we appreciate that we need to continually evolve to meet the future. We are proactively making changes to the way we do business to better serve and protect you, our valued customers, and friends. We want to take a couple of minutes and let you know what permanent changes we have made to respond to public concern, and protect your health and that of your family.

Contactless Service

We have instituted a totally contact-free service, upon request, for all of our current and future customers. What does this look like?

  • Our technicians will at all times maintain at least six feet of social distance

  • We will refrain from handshakes, elbow touches, knuckle bumps, or any other form of physical touch greeting. We will, however, still greet you with the same smile and outstanding customer service that Bickimer Electric is known for.

  • Our technicians will wear shoe protectant covers at all times to protect both you and your furniture

  • Our technicians will wear gloves at all times when touching any surface in your home

  • Our technicians will clean and sanitize their work area in the home, leaving it as clean, or cleaner, than it was when they arrived

  • Our technicians will wear facial coverings at all times, either a full cover mask or respirator

  • We want to avoid the need to touch anything our technician brings into the home. We now accept online payments as well as contactless card payments in person or over the phone with our office.

Contact Free Consultations

Where possible, we can accommodate a completely contact-free in-person consultation with one of our service experts. We can avoid being in the same room as you or your family members. We can also come into your home through an alternate door (back door, patio, garage, basement) to avoid common areas of the home when the work allows it.

Contactless Service

Virtual Consultations

Virtual Consultation

Through the use of cutting edge software, we can set up a simple, easy to navigate virtual consultation. This would allow us to discuss your needs through your mobile device and provide solutions for you remotely. This reduces the number of times our technicians need to be in your home.

Phone Estimates

We are also able to discuss projects over the phone. By emailing or texting pictures of your needs to us, we can provide estimates for work, as well as discuss a range of options available for assessment and diagnostics in person. With the extra information gathered, this reduces the time a technician needs to be in your home.

Phone Estimates

Peace of Mind from the Professionals

We know these times are uncertain, and with so much information flying around, it can seem impossible to feel informed and confident about your decisions. Here at Bickimer Electric, we are doing everything that we can to educate, protect, and ensure your family’s comfort and safety, as we always have.

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